2021 Dog Licenses

The Erie Humane Society is working diligently to begin selling dog licenses for 2021. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, many of the government offices have been closed or have limited hours of operation, posing challenges for community members to obtain new licenses.

Below is the following information we have in regards to City/County licenses:

City License:

EHS staff were notified on 12/15/20 that city dog licenses will be available to the shelter to sell in mid-January. We will keep city residents updated on when they will be available. At this time, the City of Erie does not have an updated application for 2021 on the city website as of yet.

County License:

EHS will have 2021 county licenses available on Monday, December 21, 2020. Please call the shelter at 814-835-8331 to schedule an appointment to purchase your 2021 dog license. You can visit and click on dog license to apply.