Beginner Basics and Relationship Building

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** The October 30th Training Class is full. Details on the next class to follow. **

Beginner Basics & Relationship Building

10-Week Class | Next Class and Time TBA

Cost: $160.00

This new combined class will focus on learning basic commands and skills to give your dog the building blocks for good manners. In addition, you will learn how to establish yourself as a benevolent, trustworthy leader, thus forming a mutually respectful relationship with your dog.


Basic commands include but are not limited to: name, sit, look, down, wait, leave it, drop it, come, and properly walking on leash

Relationship Building:

By strengthening and improving your relationship, your dog will be eager to please you. In addition to improving the basic obedience skills, you will also learn activities that are not only fun, but also designed to teach your dog manners and to behave respectfully.