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Report Animal Cruelty

If you see or witness an act of cruelty against an animal call our Hotline at 814-835-8360.

All complaints are held in strict confidence and all callers are anonymous.

Erie Humane Society has operated a cruelty investigations unit for over 25 years and has one of the longest and most consistent histories of animal law enforcement in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We employ two full-time cruelty investigators. These officers are trained by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; Bureau of Dog Law. They are sworn by the Erie County Courts, employed and supervised by the Humane Society, and work closely with state and local law enforcement units, local animal enforcement agencies, the county court system, local governments and the Office of the District Attorney.

Through our long history of working with and assisting other entities, we also enjoy strong professional working relationships in the community. The Humane Society Cruelty Investigators enforce the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Cruelty Law. This body of law governs and protects against the negligent, abusive or cruel treatment of domesticated animals, including farm stock and horses.