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Their Longest Journey

Saturday, Oct 1

The Longest Journey Ends with You

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For some pets, the shelter journey may be days or even a week or two. For others, it's weeks, months, and once in awhile, years. The longest journey is typically faced by the long-stay pets, seniors, pets with major medical concerns, and disabled pets. Regardless of how long they stay with us, every minute of homelessness is like a lifetime to these pets. They are on the longest journey in their search for a forever family. The longest journey for them, ends with you, when you open your heart and give that shelter pet the gift of a home.

The Erie Humane Society is thrilled to team up with New Motors Subaru for Subaru Loves Pets' Make a Dog's Day campaign. During the month of October, we will introduce you to many of our "underdogs" that are patiently waiting to be chosen by a family. They all have a story to tell and they are looking for that special person to give them a chance.

Every pet deserves the opportunity to know the love of a forever family and EHS is offering some adoption specials during this month-long campaign. The promotion below will be honored from October 3rd - 31st, as we try to end the long journey from homelessness to home for as many pets as we can. An approved adoption application is required to adopt an EHS shelter pet and regular applicant screening policies apply. While we love to see our shelter pets close their kennel door for the last time, their health and well-being remains our top priority.

If you are interested in opening your heart to a homeless pet in October, visit the shelter to fill out an application, or apply on our website.

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