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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Erie Humane Society a “No-Kill” Shelter?
Is the Erie Humane Society a chapter of the Humane Society of the United States?
Some of the dogs look intimidating in their kennels! Why are they available for adoption?
Can you hold a pet for me?
Why do I have to fill out an adoption application before I can meet with an animal?
What do I do if I adopt, and then realize that my pet is not a good fit for my home?
What do I need to provide in order to adopt a pet?
Why are some pets’ adoption fees higher than others?
My pet is missing! What do I do?
I found a stray animal – can I bring it to you?
I brought in a stray animal – can I call back to track its progress?
What happens to a stray once it’s brought in?
If I bring in a stray animal, can I adopt it once you’ve treated it?
I can’t keep my pet anymore – can I sign it over to you?
If I surrender an animal now, does that mean I’ll never be able to adopt in the future?
I can’t adopt at this time – what other ways are there for me to help the animals?
I’d like to make a donation – how do I do that?
Can I board my pet with you?
Do you offer low cost spay/neuter and vaccination services to the general public?
Does your clinic have income restrictions?
How do I report Animal Cruelty?
Can I remain anonymous if I make a cruelty report?
I’m concerned about an animal’s welfare, but I’m not sure if it would be considered cruelty. What should I do?