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In 1892, the Erie Humane Society was incorporated as a private, non-profit, charitable organization of the Commonwealth of PA. The initial mission was to investigate crimes of animal, child, and elder abuse.

Since 2015, the shelter has refocused its efforts on Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Rehoming pets to the best of our ability. The vision is to ensure refuge, develop relationships, and work with companion animals that are in need of rehabilitation prior to adoption.

Operating under “No-Kill” standards, the Erie Humane Society works to rehabilitate the whole pet, understanding their behavior, medical, and emotional needs. Because of our dedication and commitment to reintegration efforts, pets are given an opportunity to start a fresh chapter while waiting to find their forever homes.

We thank our community for their continued support. It’s because of your kindness, we can extend our efforts and provide the best care possible to all of the pets that reside with us.

The services we provide our shelter pets include shelter, feeding, veterinary care, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, grooming, temperament testing, kennel maintenance, cruelty prevention and much more.

Our Mission

    To provide temporary shelter, veterinary care, and rehabilitation services for needy, domesticated pets in our community.

    To provide emotional and physical rehabilitation services to help prepare pets for their next chapter in life.

    To provide responsible adoption services through application, home visits, and offering additional training services & counseling.

Annual Report

Download our 2022 Annual Report