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Dog Park

How to Use Our Public Dog Park

Erie Humane Society operates a friendly dog park where your pet can roam and socialize with other dogs. You might even make a few friends yourself!

Vaccine & Health Recommendations

The following steps do not replace a veterinarian’s advice but are strongly recommended for everyone. The Humane Society cannot guarantee the health or safety of your dog in any way. All pet owners using the dog park does so at their own risk.

  • Keep your dog on a flea preventative such as Advantage or Frontline.
  • Have your dog vaccinated for Bordetella (Kennel Cough).
  • Check your dog’s feces regularly for obvious signs of illness.
  • Ask your vet for further recommendations for dog park participation.
  • Do not bring your pet if it appears lethargic, has diarrhea or is displaying any unusual health symptoms.

Rules of the Dog Park


The Humane Society cannot guarantee the health or safety of your dog in any way. Patrons use the park at their own risk.

  • Keep all gates closed, aside from entering and exiting.
  • Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited.
  • Owners are legally responsible for the actions of their dogs.
  • Owners are responsible for bringing their own dog water and bowls.
  • Aggressive dogs must be immediately removed from the park
  • Owners are responsible for picking up their dog's feces. Plastic bags are provided and there are trashcans in the park.
  • No more than two dogs per family are allowed in the dog park at any one time. Dogs are pack animals. When an owner has more than two dogs, the dogs tend to act as a "pack" which could lead to displays of aggression.
  • Puppies must be older than 3 months to use the park.
  • Owners must stop their dogs from digging and are responsible for filling any holes their dog creates.
  • Dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the park.
  • Do not feed dogs other than your own without permission.
  • Children under 10 are NOT permitted in the dog park.
  • Children under 18 must be under the direct supervision of an adult.
  • Pinch and choke chains must be removed from dogs prior to entering the dog park.
  • Dogs are required to wear a basic flat buckle collar or harness with identification tags at all times. In an emergency, please contact the Millcreek Police Department at 911.