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Monday, May 8

Obituary: Old Man River (a.k.a. Rudy)

“Every life has a story. Every story deserves to be heard.”

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Wednesday, Oct 12

Consequences of Overbreeding: Meet Jimmy

Overbreeding in puppy mills leaves lasting effects on the health of the puppies. Here is Jimmy’s story.

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Friday, Oct 7

Experienced in Life: Meet Chewy

Experienced in Life: Adopt a Senior Pet!

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Wednesday, Oct 5

Long-Stay Pets: Meet Floyd

Meet our underdogs. Floyd - long-stay resident.

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Saturday, Oct 1

Their Longest Journey

EHS teams up with New Motors Subaru for Subaru Loves Pets in October.

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Thursday, Sep 22

Build a Cold Weather Cat Shelter With EHS

Help stray cats by providing shelter from the cold weather!

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Monday, Apr 11

Rescued from Captivity -- Neglect of Medical Care

Rescued from Captivity - A Puppy Mill Survivor Series

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Wednesday, Oct 20

DIY Winter Shelter for Stray Cats

Build a DIY Winter Shelter for Stray Cats!

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Sunday, Apr 11

EHS is Proud to Be Fear Free

In 2020, the Erie Humane Society staff completed Fear Free Shelter training. What is Fear-Free?

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Tuesday, Jul 21

Lucky Dog Adopt-A-Palooza

Your new BFF (Best Fur Friend) is waiting to meet you!

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