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If you witness or suspect an act of cruelty against an animal call 814-881-0220.

All complaints are held in strict confidence and all callers are anonymous.

Advocating for Animal Welfare

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The Erie Humane Society has operated a Humane Law Enforcement unit for over 35 years and has one of the longest and most consistent histories of animal law enforcement in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The principles of our mission and the dedication to the duties they are entrusted with, propel our amazing team of Humane Officers to protect animal victims from abuse and neglect.

Through our long history of working with and assisting other entities, we also enjoy strong professional, working relationships in the community. Our officers provide humane education to pet owners, community members, and youth through speaking engagements, school assemblies, and programs.

Humane Law Enforcement

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We employ three full-time humane officers who are trained by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; Bureau of Dog Law, and cover 800 square miles of Erie County. They are sworn in by the Erie County Courts, employed and supervised by the Erie Humane Society, and work closely with state and local law enforcement units, local animal enforcement agencies, the county court system, local governments, and the Office of the District Attorney.

The EHS Humane Officers enforce the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Cruelty Law. This body of law governs and protects against the negligent, abusive, or cruel treatment of domesticated animals, including farm stock and horses.

Rehabilitating the Victims


The victims of abuse and neglect often require a tremendous amount of care before they are ready to find their forever home. While in our care, the EHS staff works diligently to rehabilitate the whole pet; not only treating medical needs, but also helping them overcome emotional hurdles, build confidence, and ultimately prepare them to be welcomed into a loving family.

The Erie Humane Society has a strong network of support to help provide pets advanced, life-saving medical care through our outpatient medical fund. Whether a pet is suffering from emaciation, broken limbs, illness or infection, or coming from horrific living conditions such as hoarding, puppy mills, or dog-fighting, we are committed to giving each pet every opportunity to thrive.

A Voice for the Voiceless

Each year, our humane officers investigate hundreds of reports of animal abuse and neglect. When possible, our officers will work with the pet owner, providing education about PA cruelty laws, and enforcing compliance of these laws by holding the pet owner accountable to correct any violations in a reasonable amount of time.

When violations are not corrected, officers will recommend the pet be relinquished to the care of the Erie Humane Society. In the event that a pet owner is found in violation of the law and refuse to comply, officers will seek a warrant to remove the animal from the current situation.

Our officers conduct thorough investigations on all cases and, when appropriate, will file charges against the accused offender(s).

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Preventing Animal Cruelty

The ultimate goal for all who advocate for animals is preventing animal cruelty from happening in the first place. The Erie Humane Society invests in an excellent Humane Education program. Through our innovative approach this initiative helps the youth of our community develop compassion, empathy, and respect for all living beings as well as the environment, and foster solutions to decrease animal cruelty.

Our officers are happy to discuss any concerns, provide resources, and answer any questions you may have. If you are unsure whether something you've witnessed qualifies as animal cruelty, we encourage you to reach out to our Humane Law Enforcement team by calling 814-835-8360.

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