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Consequences of Overbreeding: Meet Jimmy

Wednesday, Oct 12
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This "underdog" is not quite ready for adoption yet, and here's why. Meet Jimmy, a 5 month old Bernedoodle pup, that was rescued from a Lancaster County puppy mill along with his brother and sister.

Jimmy has a grade 5 (out of 6 heart murmur) and is awaiting a visit with a specialist in February. Jimmy Ida very laid back pup who loves snuggles and affection. Because of his heart murmur, Jimmy needs restricted physical exercise to avoid putting excessive strain on his heart. He loves to exercise his mind with enrichment and puzzle toys.

Even though Jimmy is not ready for adoption yet, he would love to find a foster home where he can relax while he waits for his specialist appointment. Jimmy enjoys the company of other laid back dogs and does great with children, as long as he has plenty of rest time.

The consequences of overbreeding in puppy mills greatly impact the lives of not only the dogs being bred at an unhealthy rate, but also the puppies who have to live with limitations because of health related issues, just like Jimmy.

Jimmy has a long road ahead of him as we wait for more answers and determine his treatment plan with a cardiologist. But…the the longest journey ends with you! Take a stand against puppy mills, for Jimmy and all the other dogs that suffer in commercial breeding kennels. Adopt don’t shop! Do your homework on reputable breeders, and don’t purchase animals on the internet or from pet stores. Join the Erie Humane Society, New Motors Subaru, and Subaru Loves Pets in helping to be the bridge between "homeless" and "home".

Update - Since publishing this blog post, Jimmy's health took a sudden and drastic decline. On November 18, 2022, our sweet Jimmy passed away due to complications from his grade 5 heart murmur, a condition most likely caused by the overbreeding in the puppy mill he was rescued from. Jimmy was the sweetest little guy, who loved nothing more than attention and being snuggled while he napped. We are grateful for the time we had with him, and take comfort in knowing, though his time was short, that he had the opportunity to know what proper care and unconditional love was. We are also grateful to his foster family for all the love and care they gave Jimmy in his final weeks. Please take a stand against puppy mills and support Victoria's Law.

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