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Donate a Kuranda Pet Bed

Looking for a meaningful and lasting gift for a Pet Lover? Donate a Kuranda pet bed to one of our dogs or cats in the name of a friend or family member. A personalized Gift Card will be mailed to them to inform them of the wonderful gift you have selected for them.

Why Kuranda Beds are Beneficial

Not only do Kuranda beds hold up to even the toughest chewers, they are easy to clean and won’t harbor dirt, dust or allergens, helping to ensure the health and well-being of our shelter pets.

Donate a kuranda dog bed

Why Dogs Love Kuranda Beds

Kuranda Dog Beds give dogs their own comfy, off-the-ground bed that relieves stress on joints. Sleeping on an elevated surface evenly distributes a dog’s weight, eliminating pressure points like hips, elbows and shoulders. Choose from the Walnut Shelter Bed for dogs in a variety of sizes.

Why Cats Love Kuranda Beds

Kuranda Cat Beds provide a comfortable and cozy perch, increases valuable floor space by accommodating a litter pan underneath the bed, or providing a cozy nook for a shy cat. Choose the Almond Raised Cat Bed (comes in a set of 2).

Donate cat kuranda bed