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Erie Gives Day | Aug. 10 | 8am-8pm

EGD 21 Event

What Is Erie Gives Day?

Erie Gives Day is an important and exciting day for Erie nonprofits. This one-day, 12-hour-long donation drive is dedicated to financially supporting your favorite local nonprofit(s). For many organizations, Erie Gives Day is one of their largest fundraising opportunities.

For our organization, Erie Gives is a very great opportunity to show your support and make a gift, which allows us to continue helping as many orphaned and injured pets in our community as we possibly can. Each gift made ($25 minimum) to the Erie Humane Society also receives a prorated match, which helps to elevate our overall total.

New to Erie Gives Day? No problem. Check out these resources to help.

Pets, Like Coco & Stella, Need Your Support

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Coco, a pint-sized female chihuahua, and Stella, a chihuahua mix, were seized with a warrant from a hoarded home, along with 45 other animals, in May 2021. The conditions these pets were living in was severely unsanitary. Many were kept in small cages, caked in urine and feces, with barely enough room for ample movement.

When they arrived at the Erie Humane Society, both Coco and Stella were covered in fleas, their nails were overgrown, and they were filthy. We quickly took notice of the condition of Coco's back legs, which appeared to have some type of deformity. We immediately began treating Coco and Stella for parasites, fleas, and ear mites, as well as assessing their overall health. We made sure they had a large living space with soft beds, plenty of warm blankets, toys, and clean food and water.

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It was also very clear to our staff and veterinarians that Coco and Stella were a very strongly bonded pair, and despite the magnitude of rehabilitative care that we anticipated Coco needing, we decided that it was imperative that these two find a forever home together.

Following an evaluation at Balance Veterinary Rehabilitation Services, Coco was referred to an orthopedic specialist to see if she would be a candidate for corrective surgery. In addition to daily stretches and exercises, she was also fitted for a wheelchair to help assist with her mobility.

IMG 6125

Stella, being the ever supportive friend she is, simply remains by Coco's side through everything. Stella, who is deaf, and visually impaired has relied on Coco to help her build her confidence. While we await Coco's surgery consultation and potential surgery, Coco and Stella are thoroughly enjoying their time with their foster family, soaking up all the love and attention, and living the lives they deserved to have all along.

A Message from our Director...

Nicole Bawol website

In the rescue industry, our call to action never ceases. Even at the height of Covid-19, the Erie Humane Society has been working hard to serve the needy pets in our community. Our organization was impacted, tremendously, as we were forced to cancel adoption events, fundraisers, and other donor support programs. However, our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome has remained strong; we have weathered the storm.

Yet, as Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, and we are eagerly trying to regain momentum, we still are presented with heartbreaking cases. As our organization is still trying to rebuild after the effects of Covid-19, we want to ensure each one of these pets receive the very best. This affects the Erie Humane Society, presenting an urgent and greater need for additional medical attention. Help us make 2021 their year, by providing our pets with the needed medical care and opportunities to find amazing homes.

Though the situation we face is dire, there are many ways our community can assist. One of these ways is the opportunity to maximize your monetary donation on Erie Gives Day. Erie Gives Day will take place on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, from 8AM-8PM. A monetary donation of $25 can go a long way. The Erie Community Foundation provides each donation a prorated match. Your donation truly makes an impact in creating a better life for a homeless pet. To donate on Erie Gives Day, visit and choose the ERIE HUMANE SOCIETY!

Every Dollar Raised Makes an Impact

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Support the Erie Humane Society

We encourage you to support the Erie Humane Society with confidence this Erie Gives Day for these reasons:


Please support the Erie Humane Society on Erie Gives Day! We thank you for your kindness & generosity!