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Build a Cold Weather Cat Shelter With EHS

Thursday, Sep 22

The Erie Humane Society and other shelters, not only in our region, but across the country are struggling to keep up with the demand of caring for homeless animals, especially stray cats. As the temperatures begin to cool down and winter weather is on the horizon, it poses a challenge for a shelter's ability to accommodate the increased demand for intakes due to lack of kennel space.

The Erie Humane Society manages our admissions as part of our no-kill mission. Therefore, we are unable to intake a pet when our kennels are full. EHS schedules cat admissions and maintains a waiting list so that as pets get adopted, we can intake more.

There are several ways our community can aid stray cats during the cold-weather months, until a kennel opens up in the shelter. One way is to construct a simple cold weather shelter. Last year, we got this idea from Alley Cat Advocates and shared it to our blog. This year, build one with us!

Please remember, if you encounter a cat in need of emergency medical attention, please call us at 814-835-8331. In the meantime, help EHS help homeless animals in need by providing stray cats a safe place to stay warm.

Check out our TikTok tutorial and download the complete instructions and information below.

Download PDF Instructions

Cat Shelter