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Long-Stay Pets: Meet Floyd

Wednesday, Oct 5

540 Days and Counting...

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While the average length of stay varies from pet to pet, some have a harder time finding a family. Pets with longer lists of requirements for a prospective home tend to wait much longer than others. Weeks turn into to months, and for some pets, like Floyd, the months turn into years. EHS works hard to ensure that all our pets' needs are being met - mentally, physically, and medically. Even with the best and most well-intentioned care, and an endless amount of love from staff, a shelter is not a home – and the impacts of long-term sheltering affect a pet's well-being. These long-stay residents are underdogs.

Floyd is a 2 year old boxer/pit bull mix, who came to the Erie Humane Society as a stray. He is a smart boy who loves to learn. He has a lot of energy, and needs daily exercise and mental stimulation. Floyd spends a lot of time with our staff trainer, Marguerite, who has made great progress with Floyd in polishing his manners and learning to respect his leader. Floyd needs to find a home without small children and small animals. He likes to choose his friends, but can live with another dog if he thinks they are a good match. Floyd also needs a committed owner who will make time for daily walks and will reinforce his training.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month and Floyd is beyond deserving of a loving forever home. We just need to find that special someone who is willing to give him a chance. The longest journey ends with you. Join EHS, New Motors Subaru and Subaru Loves Pets in helping to be the bridge between "homeless" and "home". Open your heart to an underdog and adopt.

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