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Celebrate National Dog Day

Article by
Emily McCullor

Thursday, Aug 24

10 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day With Your Pup

Rachel George

National Dog Day is celebrated each year on August 26th. This is a day to dote on our four-legged, best friends. It is a day to celebrate dogs of all breeds. It is a day to recognize the number of homeless dogs that are waiting for a family to give them a forever home. This is a day to honor our family dogs, dogs with jobs, and dogs in shelters, for their unconditional love and devotion.

National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, to bring attention to the countless homeless animals and encourage pet adoption. But why August 26th? When Paige was just 10 years old, her family adopted their first dog on August 26th. (Read more...)

Here are 10 ways to celebrate National Dog Day with your K-9 companions, this Saturday.

  1. Go shopping for a new toy. Take your dog to a pet-friendly store to pick out a new toy.  (Bonus - visit our retail shop, Wags to Riches, to pick out a fun toy - all proceeds benefit our shelter pets, so you would also help a pet in need).
  2. Make homemade treats for your dog. Try this recipe!
  3. Visit the Erie Humane Society dog park for playtime.
  4. Dote on your dog! Give lots of extra attention with an abundance of scratches, belly rubs, and cuddles.
  5. Donate to a shelter. Whether it be a monetary donation, or supplies, shelters rely heavily on donations. Every little bit helps. Check out our wishlist for common items needed.
  6. Hold your own pet photo shoot and snap some memorable pictures of your dog.
  7. Visit Presque Isle State Park. Take a walk on one of the trails or a dog-friendly beach. Or just enjoy a drive around the peninsula.
  8. Indulge in a guilty pleasure, like a doggie ice-cream sundae from Sara's.
  9. Treat yourself with a unique, custom art piece of your dog. We recommend Go Grey Artwork.
  10. Adopt a shelter dog. Give a rescue dog a fresh start to a new life by opening your heart and your home to them.
Gus And Charley

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate National Dog Day, just take the time to enjoy it. These furry family members give everything of themselves to their humans. Their time with us is too short. Savor the moments you have with them and make lasting memories. Take the time to let them know how much they mean to you and how much you love them.

I'm looking forward to spending the day with my two fur-babies, Gus and Charley, spoiling them rotten. I hope you enjoy your day too!