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EHS Youth Pop-Up Adventures

EHS Pop-up adventures are a great way for our youth to learn about animal kindness and learn skills to support the growth and development of our shelter pets here at the Erie Humane Society. These programs are geared toward school-age children. Adventure days are engaging and educational mini-camps, designed to accommodate small group activity for students.

Ready set grow 2024
We have lots of little critters that come through our shelter looking for their new home. Our critters deserve the best while they are waiting to meet their new family. We love the idea of buliding gardens to support healthy dietary options for our critters. Children will get to build pre-cut wood to make a standing garden out of used supplies around the shelter. Children will get to paint their garden in their respected groups and work as a team to plant the dirt and seeds appropriately to help grow vegtables for our animals. Children will learn the importance of animal welfare, healthy choices for our pets, and how to create a basic garden. Children will learn how to care for the garden. At the end of the day our hope is the children will feel like they made a difference at our shelter by helping volunteering their time to support our furry friends.